New Additions to the Website!

I want to wish a hearty welcome to Bryony DuPont and Kyle Niemeyer to the blog and Academic Trax podcast. I’ve had a blast chatting with them about their trials and tribulations on the tenure track and hearing about their differences from ours. I hope they will contribute to an ever-evolving tenure track process and give some personal insights based on their experiences. I know Kyle especially is a coding wizard and can screw up our Matlab pages by writing about Python augment our Matlab pages with Python tricks’n’tips. In addition to nerding out about proposal formating and font styles ( ;-P ), Bryony can offer us a more socially responsible perspective on academia with her research on sustainable design. And as much as I try to be an ally, Bryony can offer infinitely more in-depth thoughts on a decidedly male-dominated mechanical engineering culture. 

Both can be reached on twitter, @BryonyDuPont and @KyleNiemeyer, as well as their respective websites, and

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