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Preparation for the tenure track starts first with having a fantastic academic record and a glutton for punishment (don’t do it!). Assuming you are ready to take the plunge, then the next step is getting as much information as possible. Below are some links to some previous GEARS posts on the¬†application process, the interview, negotiations, and other things you should know about being considered for a tenure track position. This is by no means a complete compendium and will be updated over the coming weeks with more information from the interviewer’s perspective. DrBecca over at Fumbling Towards Tenure Track has probably the best tenure track aggregator site for the whole process. You should check it out!

In the coming weeks, Jon will update his thoughts now that he has served on two faculty search committees. Joshua will also chime in with his experiences in both the interview process and now that he has been on the other side too.

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